Show your teeth you grinner.

Phyllis Diller, that crazy and wild Phyllis, once said: ”A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” It is a pretty worthy observance I think. Smiling. Scientifically, there have been all sorts of studies on the benefits of smiling.

Orange, dusty people biters

There are some really amazing things going on in this world. Here is a thing. I have a huge appreciation for Crows. That has been established here in my writing, several times over. If I had a Patron Saint of

Pass this way. Again.

I went to a funeral today. A Mass of Christian Burial, although, these days I think they are called Memorial Masses. It doesn’t matter what the label might be. It was just one example of our human ritual of “putting

It depends on the scale.

Today is Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit’s birthday. Of course, by the name, you probably already know his claim to fame in this world. But I will rehash. Daniel was both an inventor and a physicist. He is, by far, best know

The Troublesome Two

I never had much of an interest in Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie Parker. Clyde Barrow. Those Outlaws from the 1930s. We recently watched a movie, that was loosely about them, called the Highwaymen (on Netflix). It was a pretty good

It’s not 6 foot Harvey.

There are some things going on these days. Serious things. Everywhere we turn. Oh, believe me, I have opinions on all of them. Most of the time, I steer clear of the big issues here in my little “blog-corner” of