Baggy Folks

Family came over for dinner tonight. We were… by all means….  winner, winner, chicken dinner. Of course, it was great to see everyone, and spend time together. Our discussions are always lively and good. After dessert, we took the group

Chicken Peril…

We established, a few years back, that our chickens are organized.  Smart.  I have seen them meet behind the chicken coop with white boards, charts, and graphs.  Even though their numbers have dwindled, we all know what they are capable

Cool Chicks.

  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a catchy way of saying that beauty cannot be judged objectively.  And the reason?  Well…  what one person finds beautiful, or snappy, or completely groovy…. another person may not

Marching In.

Another Saint.  Killed.  Right there on the spot.  All in the name of religion. Don’t run away screaming.  I like the Saints.  Especially when they come marching in.   Come marching in. Here is the skinny.  I get this “Catholic Newsletter”