spill chick?

If you decide to cook some Alphabet Soup, don’t make the bad choice to go anywhere while it is the stove top. If you leave the house while it is cooking, it could spell disaster.

Oh, the choices we make. Thousands and thousands of them each day. Do I want the strawberry jam or the grape jelly? Should I clean the toilets or write my memoirs? Do I really want to go to Fred’s house this afternoon, and play Rock’Em, Sock’Em Robots?

Yes. Our choices. Sometimes they don’t seem to affect anyone but our own little selves. But truly, the impact of our decisions may reach far and wide.

Take Spelling class for example. Apparently, many people made a choice not to pay attention during this time at school. Perhaps, even our President. There was the time, back in the Springtime, when he stumped the entire nation with his early morning Tweet, Trump Standard Time, of course. The president posted a wacky and bizarre sentence fragment that read, in its entirety: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Hmmmm. Covfefe. I am sure he meant something.  But what?

About the same time, as I recall, the National Spelling Bee was gearing up to begin. Those Wizards at Google decided to see what words people in each of the 50 states struggle to spell. They wrote up a little algorithm of Google searches, where people typed in “how to spell ________ ” in each of the states. (They gathered data for several months.) Whatever word filled that blank most, often in each state, became denoted as that state’s “most misspelled word.”

So here in Ohio, we needed to clarify “beautiful,” and in Indiana, they were not quite sure about “Hallelujah.”
I guess folks in Iowa were feeling the need to clean, as “vacuum” was their most misspelled word. In Washington, D.C. they needed to know “ninety” which I find quite curious. I smell a conspiracy of some sort.
And. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, it appears they did not know how to spell Wisconsin.

Some of the states really make me wonder what they are thinking. In Idaho, they asked how to spell “quote” while in Hawaii, the mystery-word was “people.”  People who need people.
Rhode Island, “liar”; Oregon, “sense.” And down in Tennessee, there must be a heap of “chaos.” But no one knows how to spell it.

(As a note, if you would like to see the full list it is here: Misspelled Words By State )

Yes, those choices. So. No matter where you learned, or what you learned, you make that myriad of personal picks and selections, every day.

We have done this throughout all of time. And every choice we make, even the little ones, puts us on a slightly different path, every minute of our lives.

Some people think that it is truly a wonder that we all began as one tribe, in a single little place, a long time ago. And here we all are, having evolved into such diversity through all of our paths, and wanderings. And our choices. That multitude of picks. This way or that. Unique. Diverse.

And now. We stand exactly where we all are, at the far reaches of the globe. And we have in common, our very beginnings.  Our human hearts, and our human minds. And of course, our beautiful connection to spirit. If we choose. No matter how you spell it.