Somehow apples never tasted so good. Or did they?

Cherry-Pit Apples. They are incredibly delicious. They look like regular apples, mostly. But on the inside is a “pit” area which isn’t like a pit at all. It is more like the consistency, and appearance, of a fig, or a prune. But it tastes like a sweet cherry. If you’ve never heard of them before, do not worry. They appeared in my dream last night. That was the first time I had ever tasted one.

I blame this largely on my friend Janet. Prior to falling asleep, I happened, once again, on the Apple Chart she posted on my Facebook Wall. Right after that, I went to another friend’s (Margie’s) wall where they were harvesting honey from this year’s bees.

Back to the dream. There were a bunch of us harvesting honey, but the bee’s were being clumsy. The were clinging to our sticky hands and many of us were getting stung. A lot of people were in attendance. It was some sort of a community thing, that I was somehow involved with. Any way. The clumsy bees. As I mentioned, we were getting stung, and some people were freaking out a little, trying to knock the bees off their hands. Mostly, I was worried about the welfare of the bees.

I convinced the people to try and relax, and told them that if they would just start eating the Cherry-Pit Apples, none of this would be happening.

The next thing I know, there was the Director of the Library, who was involved with another part of the program. In real life, she died at least a dozen years ago, in a motorcycle crash. But there she was, taking cases and cases of our Cherry-Pit Apples, along with many other varieties. I was getting quite upset.

I won’t bore you any further with the rest of the dream, as it continued for what seemed like hours. At one point, they were playing 45 records that had been recorded at the Grand Ol’ Opera, while we played puzzle games and Bingo in the basement of the place. So you see, it spun off in some very unique directions.

But, dreams can be the most curious of things. Sometimes, I want them to be true. Other times they feel very true, and I wonder if it really didn’t happen that way. And then there are those that just seem terribly wrong from start to finish.

Before I go to sleep, I ask for good dreams. Most of the time, I get them.

We don’t really know where dreams come from, or what they mean, or even what they might be. Not unequivocally. They are, however, a big part of our lives, since most of us sleep about one-third of the time. Or we should.

One thing I would bet on, though. They are an extension of ourselves. Our inner and outer selves. Mostly, they seem to be the closest brush with magic for the majority of us. In those dreams we travel places that seem to be impossible. We do the unthinkable. We act with other-worldliness. Sometimes wonderful and filled with delight. Other times, scary, or unknown, or boggled.

With only our creativity and imagination, we have the power to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. Much of the time, during the course of our days, we bump into the elements of life that seem mundane. But when we dream we can find a certain bit of awe and inspiration. Beauty, magic, and surprise.

If we can carry a bit of this into our every day existence, we might be surprised. Because in reality, nothing is definitively commonplace in nature. We just perceive those routine activities as being somehow dull. As humans, we are powerful people and we can be as inventive as we like. Our experiences can be rich, and amazing, if we are looking for them to go that way.

The world around us is amazing. The Universe is infinite. Everything has the potential to inspire awe. It is in you. It’s in me too. If we see it that way.

I loved those Cherry-Pit Apples, by the way. They were the best thing I’ve ever tasted. If only they were true. Or were they?


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
― Edgar Allan Poe


“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters.”
― Henry David Thoreau


“It’s unsettling to meet people who don’t eat apples.”
― Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories