Don’t cut the cheese.

Life is full of mysteries.  I am telling you this right now, because I mean it… with all my Mystery-Seeking-Heart. It is also full of misinformation.  Sometimes, the two are confused… the mystery and the misinformed.  But, I can scratch

Mr. Pouchy.

I have joked about Captain Kangaroo here. But I can’t put a piece of scotch tape on anything, without thinking about that guy.  I used to love to watch him make things in the “art” section of the show.  He

You who.

Who are we, really?  Really. I mean, what makes us, US?  You and me and everyone in between.  We are all so very different, and at the same moment, so very much alike.  But why?  Why is that so? When

That secret sauce.

Art.  Not Linkletter, Carney, Buckwald, or Garfunkel. But Art.  As in….  the expression of the human creative mind and imagination…. which typically comes in the form of painting or sculpture or such.  THAT kind of Art. I am a big

Teach, your children well.

I am the youngest of seven children.  I like being number seven.  For a lot of reasons. My siblings would probably say I was spoiled while growing up.  The youngest always is.  I would say this is true, with an

Vaseline, Hippos, and Uranium.

“Cause there’s a million things to be.  You know that there are.” – Cat Stevens It is true.  There’s a million ways to be.  We certainly know that to be true. And right now, when the world seems a little

Radical. Groovy. Far Out.

Snarky.  I miss the word… Snarky.  But as with any phrase or popular slang-hash in the English Language… they all can be….  …LIKE …. “that was SO seven seconds ago.” I’m talking 24/7. Okay, enough of that.  But the phrases

Be a Good Nut

Life, can sometimes be stranger than fiction.  Other times, it can be very wonky.  Not just mine personally.  Although, I have to say… lately… my personal life has been a little out of the ordinary.  Nonetheless. I am talking about

Whoopsie. Double Whoooopsie.

Okay.  Do you want to start with Jack & Jill?  Or Humpty Dumpty.  Oh.  What the heck.  Let’s just go with London Bridge. It’s falling down.  All of them are falling down.  And, as fate would have it… all of

Roll Your Pants Up…

Ebb and Flow.  Yes, where tides are concerned…. the ebb and flow are two phases of that tide…. or any similar movement of water. The ebb is the outgoing phase.  You know, when the tide drains away from the shore.