We’ve been shot.

Tonight, I have been scanning old family photos. My Mom. I’ll tell you.  She loved photographs.  I think she probably still does love her photographs.  She just doesn’t remember about them, most of the time. But there is plenty to

The big question.

One thing I just keep fighting against…. is the realization that ALL of life is filled with uncertainty.  I’ve said it a thousand times before.  I’ve meant it too.  Everything is uncertain.  All of it.     There are no crystal

The Big Lie

Chuck:  Dude.   What are you doing over here, all by yourself?  Why are you slumped down like that. Tommy:  You better stay out of sight there too Boy Genius. Chuck:  Why? Tommy:  Today is Thanksgiving. Chuck: So? Tommy:  We look

Are you a dip?

  Our lives change with time.  Sometimes for the good. And sometimes not.  But, we all want it to be focused on the “good” — I think. But let’s consider this.  Oooohhhhh.  How about The Fondue Set?  Let’s say you’ve