Ebby Kneeee Zzzzer…

Christmastime.  It is that time of the year, and as the snappy little song says… “Have a Holly, Jolly, Christmas…” Well.  It is not all holly-jolly-fun-and-games, I’ll tell you.  I mean…there is the whole dark side to Christmas.  There is


It is everywhere.  If we just look around, and notice.   We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. — Thornton Wilder It is through gratitude for the present

Ooooo. You are sparkly.

Charisma.  Some people have it.  Others simply… do not. It is a word that was derived in the middle 17th century.  It means “a sense” which comes from the  ecclesiastical Latin from the Greek word….kharisma, from kharis.  And that word

Just a little west of here….

I have a bunch of favorite movies.  A wide array, from several different eras and genres. Sometimes, I am drawn more to the characters, than the actual movie. But, the best kind of movies have all the elements completely in

Hear and Say.

Tonight I wrote a fairly long piece about politics.  I premised it by saying that “I barely talk religion or politics here…” and then I went off… on certain things that have been happening on the political scene. However, I

This and That.

Not a single thing in our existence…. exists alone.  As Einstein so aptly noted, “Everything is relative.”  And it is true.  Everything exists in relation to everything else. Where ever there is light, there will be a shadow.  Where there

Ice your cookies Betty.

Sure, you can plan.  But that doesn’t always mean it will come out the way you anticipated. This is largely due to the nature of life.  Things are in a constant state of change.  There’s no such thing as a

Oh happy day.

Happiness. I love the phrase… “As happy as a pig in the mud.”  I think I will have to ask my friend Cassie about this one.  She would know, as she is an expert when it comes to all things

And then there were two.

I am joyously grateful.  Please.  Don’t get  me wrong.  You see, yesterday, we found our first chicken egg. It has been a learning experience thus far.  Perhaps, that is my biggest understatement of 2015.  We have run the gamut with