Going where?

Tonight we had dinner with my youngest brother and his wife.  Jerry and Betty.  This is my other favorite brother, and my other favorite sister-in-law.  Seriously, I love these two like crazy too. We were going out to celebrate Betty’s

Forts, Spears.. and more…

Big Note.  Apparently, I fell asleep last night before clicking on the big…  SEND OUT TO INTERNET BUTTON.… on my computer.  So, here it rains this morning. ____________________________________….________ Tonight, I decided to bring your more photos from old archives.. except,

And the winner is…

I love a good word.  Revelation is one of those exceptional examples.  As defined in simple terms… it is a surprising and previously unknown fact.  And, that fact is made known in a dramatic way.  To make known the unknown.

Probability. Possibility. Outcome.

Choice.  Everybody has one.  Free will. Right now…. at this moment… you have choices. We all do.  Possibilities.  Then there are probabilities, and finally, outcomes.  But first there are choices.  And many multiple possibilities. So…. If you choose to… choose

Beauty, eh?

There are some pretty people in the world I’ll tell you. I was flipping through Variety Magazine, the issue with the “pitches” for the upcoming Academy Award Nominations.  Pretty, pretty people.  The kind that look good no matter what they