Happy go lucky.

It’s all good.

Hunky-Dory. Now there is a phrase you don’t hear so often anymore. I used to like saying Hunky-Dory. Although…. for a lot of years… I thought it was Honky. Like honking your horn.

The real origins of Hunky-Dory are a little unclear… although it is American and it started showing up midway through the 1800s. Things were really swell back then.

And… A lot of phrases have come and gone over the years.

Like… “Pang-Wangle”
Pang-Wangle is to live or go along cheerfully in spite of minor misfortunes. I guess that would sort of be like Grumpy of the Seven Dwarfs. Although… he doesn’t really go along cheerfully. More like Mickey Mouse then. With Minnie.

But let’s say Micky and Minnie quit getting along so great. Then… Minnie might “give him the wind.” That would translate into jilting a suitor. Telling him to hit the curb. Send him packing. You get it.

And maybe it all resulted because Mickey was a “Butter and Egg” man. This has absolutely nothing to do with the Beloved Breakfast. Nope. Butter and Egg man is a wealthy, but unsophisticated small-town businessman, who acts like a playboy, when he visits the big city. You know. Micky Mouse is Mickey-Mousing around.

Come to think of it… Mickey was a little sideways. I mean… his good friend was a dog. Goofy. But he also had a dog… Pluto.  THAT must have been a little weird for both Pluto and Goofy.

What happened when Goofy came to lunch? Did he get Pluto’s dog food, or would Mickey fix him an egg-salad sandwich and corn chips or something?  Oh.  No matter.

Back to phrases. Let’s say Mickey made Goofy mad.  And Goofy popped him one. Gave him a  big-fat-black eye. This used to be called to “Cop a Mouse.” I am not sure of the origins, of this… but it has nothing to do with Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, or egg salad sandwiches.  Seriously.

Maybe instead of fighting…. they celebrated. Like fools. Yep. The whole bunch of them. Mic, Min, Plut, and Goof. Lapping from bowls and glasses. They drank too much. Now we can say….

They had their flags out; or they were “seeing snakes”; “being soapy eyed” ; “zozzled”; “canned-up”; “striped”; “squiffed”; “swacked”.

How in the heck did I get on the Disney Deal?   Forget all that…

Back to it … the good old days… the good old phrases. Though most of these are well before my time… like by a 100 years or so.

All because I WANTED to tell you that everything is hunky-dory….. gravy-noodles and whiz-bang. But truth be told… things might be a little on the crap-tastic and rassclat side.  You know…. the old hollow-bunny.

So just remember…when life gets you down… don’t get bluto with Pluto. No… go make your dog an egg-salad sandwich. With awesome-sauce.  While you are at it…. Get Goofy.  Oh. …. … And Whistle While You Work.




“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”
― Louisa May Alcott



“Feathers filled the small room. Our laughter kept the feathers in the air. I thought about birds. Could they fly if there wasn’t someone, somewhere, laughing?”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”
― Susan Polis Schutz