And the itsy, bitsy… wait. What?

A spider eats a possum.

I am not much of a traveler. I’ve said it before, here, I know. But I am the poster child for the Homebody. Sure, enough, once I go to a place, I enjoy it. Yet, more often than not, I would much rather be home.

There are a couple of reasons. I am an introverted Introvert. And I am a Taurus.

Sometimes, I get it in my head that it might be interesting to go to a specific place. In fact, there are thousands of places on the globe that I think would be amazing to see.

One of those spots is Peru. Of course, there is Machu Picchu. The incredible secret city. The Inca Trail. All of these things, travel legends.

Then there is the Peruvian part of the Amazon jungle. From what I have read, it is possibly the most diverse area of the entire Amazon. Also, there is the Manu National Park. It is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the whole world, and there are at least 1,000 birds and over 200 mammal species.

And who knows, I might make friends with a Llama or two, and convince them not to spit on anyone.

Getting to Peru would be difficult. That is a huge trade off. And heading into the Amazon Jungle would be a little dicey.

So when I put them on the Polly-Life-Scale, home far outweighs the adventure.

Then, this morning, I read this headline.

“Scientists were excited to spot a huge spider eating an opossum, but you might have nightmares”

And there it was. The video. Of course, I had to watch. I am not afraid of spiders. Not in the least. So I watched the clip. Now, I must amend my previous statement. I am not afraid of spiders, as long as they are smaller than a possum.

Yes, there it was, creeping through the forest, scratching in the leaves, with the crickets chirping in the background. That spider was carrying around that possum like a football. Like a football. A thirty-second video can be transforming.

Trip to Peru.
Let me see. How do they say it?
“Oh hell no.”

Home is where the heart is, and I’d like to keep mine in my chest.


“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.” — Jean Paul Sartre


“I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.”
― Lauren Myracle


“There’s no place like home.” – Dorothy Gale


The Video, at CNN.