Work it baby.

  There are more occupations out there than I can count. The things that people do to make money. To earn a living. To provide for themselves and for their families. Some people, are driven their entire lives, by the

Please pick up the phone.

Discombobulated is one of my favorite words. For all the reasons. First, I like the way it hits the ear. It is the perfect sounding word for its meaning. So, then, it’s definition follows. Discombobulate. It means disconcert or confusion.

Wet. Wetter. Water.

Water is everywhere. But. Not really. Not in truth. We shouldn’t take it for granted. Here, in the United States, we mostly have clean drinking water. Such a gift, this is. There are places, where people have to walk miles

Don’t make me.

There are those times in life when we simply don’t want to. “I just don’t want to,” is what we say. And, “that” thing for each of us, is unique. But for us, it feels difficult. Hard. Bothersome. Whatever “that”

That savory green flesh

The news has been out a couple of days about the avocados. Apparently, some of them are being recalled. In six states. Now, if this were pumpkins, or potatoes, or onions, I wouldn’t feel so bad. But the avocado. I

Looking down in disgust.

Mostly, I try to stay away from headline stories here. But when I read the news today, my heart sank. Two kids walked into a high school, dressed in black. They opened fire in a cafeteria. Fifteen children were killed.

Born a big bunch

  March 22 is a famous birthday day. A lot of days come and go without many famous notables’ having a birthday. It plain old seems, that some days are more prolific than others. Born under the Sign of Aries.