This Rear-View Year

When a year comes to a close, people have a tendency to reflect. To clarify, I don’t mean that we stand in front of a mirror, and gape. And technically, in that case, the mirror reflects. No. The entire process

He will rob you, Roy.

Up until this morning, I thought Rob Roy was a Cowboy. Some sort of hop-a-long, mosey-on-over, kind of guy. About 6’3” with a bright blue bandanna tied around his neck, legs as bowed as a wishbone, with boots that jingle-jangled-jingled,

Time Shells and Paws

——————————— How do you think animals conceptualize time? I often wonder if they view it in their brains, like we do in ours? One second at a time? Past meeting future? Is it based on life expectancy? Or other things?

Measuring Up in the Oval

That Office of the President thing. I can’t believe anyone still really wants the job. But people do. Of course, some people are more well-suited for the job, by physical appearance alone. Apparently, taller, seems to be better. As a

Candles on the cake.

Today was Christmas. I said Happy Birthday to Jesus this morning, when I was in prayer. Happy, Happy Birthday. But, I’ll get back to that in a minute. There are some other famous people born on December 25th. One of

Yeah. I’ll say it.

Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, Not even a mouse. Well. The mouse was stirring. He was stirring together sugar, and eggs, and cream, and flour. Making cookies. Those really good