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  I am a bit of a geek by nature. The “mechanics” of things has interested me since I was a little kid. When my Dad would change the batteries in his or Mom’s watches, I’d like to “watch” —

Urban Ideas

  It caught my eye early this morning. Every day, I get an email about the “historical” events of that date. And I noticed the headline: “Pope Urban II preaches 1st Crusade.” This happened on November 27, in the year

Falling Earth

  We have to quit supporting candidates who don’t care about the environment. Period. Our earth is dying. It isn’t a fairy tale. It comes straight from a United States Government Report. Released yesterday. And that report delivered a tremendously

Pierced the country.

No elf stories today, or good magic from the Universe. It isn’t flying. Today is mundanely, maybe even sadly, Franklin Pierce’s Birthday. November 23, in the year 1804, a very long time ago. I bet he was a cranky baby.

The Dance

He awkwardly placed his hands on her hips. This was the first of many dances to come. But as they stood there, facing each other, they could only think about the dance right before them. Edward grinned handsomely, largely. Regina