Dates with baggage. Or no.

The end of August. The fact is undeniable. This day always seems to be bittersweet to me. The end of August always brings the beginning of September. That signals “Fall” in my little mind. And as the dominoes start to

Looking Good, Baby.

There’s the weight of the world, I’ll tell you. The weight of the world. In the midst of it, we certainly don’t need any discrimination. Standing side-by-side, all-together, would be a much better approach. But. For those of you who

Inch by Day

They never said, “Play It Again Sam.” Not once. That is probably one of the most misquoted lines in all of Hollywood. Casablanca. With Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. Today is her birthday, Ms. Bergman. August 29, in the year

I need the playbook.

  This morning, in my very early quiet time — my retrospective time — I was thinking about Sin. Yes. Sin. The kind with a capital S. I wonder about it, sometimes. Because, mostly, I do not understand it. Not

Look Up. No. Don’t.

Truthfully, I don’t think things should really be falling out of the sky. Call me Chicken-Dang-Little, but I don’t. Let’s stop right there and talk about the Story of Chicken Little, which is commonly known as The Story of Henny

My little green tunic

What is it about Video Games? Certainly, they are popular, almost beyond measure. When I was a kid, our choices were limited. I can remember the Christmas we got the Atari. It was 1975. The showcase Atari game, Pong, was

24 Carrot App

  The phones in our pockets, and the apps on those phones. How did it come to this? Well, of course, it started way back when, with the invention of the telephone. That is when this entire scheme was spawned.