Hang Ten

  There are things about every day. Things which are new, unto their own. It could be anything really. Good or bad. A new flower blooming in the garden. A flat tire. A brilliant recipe. Anything. And then, there are

Yo. Ho. Ho.

First of all, they have to change the name. Plantar’s Wart. Whoever named it got it wrong. You see, I have a Plantar’s Wart, and I do solemnly swear, I am NOT a Planter. Of anything. I inherited my Mother’s

After W, X…

Of the “Question” Questions, the one that seems to go unanswered the most, is “Why?” Who. What. Where. When. How. Why. This, mostly, applies to everything. Seriously.  Those everyday occurrences. News stories. Life’s deepest and most intriguing mysteries. Seldom, do

Let’s Get Physical

Yesterday I had my yearly physical. It is the normal routine, as they go. I’ve been going to this same doctor for decades, now. She is always very good, and thorough, and caring. But as with any doctor visit, anywhere,

Glad for we.

Be glad you are you. I’ll tell you. Right now. You are like magic. Simply spectacular in more ways than can be counted. It is the way you bake those peanut butter brownies. And. Your amazing biceps. That funny little

An hour of minutes

I watched 60 Minutes on Sunday Evening. It was a very good show. But part of it was difficult to watch. It was the story about dementia. My Mom had dementia. On 60 Minutes, Dr. Jon LaPook conducted the interview.

Bang. Bang. Crash.

Getting a new roof is quite a proposition, and can cost a fortune. When you drive down any street, and see a bunch of roofers, roofing, it seems very muted and unobtrusive. Those roofing men and women, move around seamlessly