Topsy. Turvy.

In the most abrupt and unavoidable way, some sort of table-faerie came upon me this morning, and pushed my freshly poured coffee cup, right out of my hand. I know it was pushed, as I watched the white ceramic decanter

Are you full? Or not?

Sometimes the slogan and jargon ride, gets way off the tracks. Somebody says a “catchy” something, and before you know it, everyone is jumping aboard. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE that it raised a

Ties. Dresses.

Where does time go? Today, is my brother Jerry, and sister-in-law Betty’s 43rd Anniversary. Forty-three years together. How does the tick, go tock, so many times? Those two started out so young. They have been together, down the long road,