Memorial Surprise

The holiday weekend. Memorial Day, specifically. For about the past 150 years, Americans get together in the late Spring. May 30-ish. The purpose is to honor the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in service to their country.

Wordy steal

Abscond. That’s a good word, I think. It means, in short… to leave hurriedly and secretly. And when you leave… you typically do this because you are avoiding detection. You know… for something like an unlawful action. Thieving, and such.


Tonight, our oldest grandson graduated from high school. Levi Elijah Moreland. He is quite a young man, and although I am a little biased, it is very true. He is smart. Bright smart. And funny, and creative. Especially, he is

It’s the real thing.

Tonight, I heard a guy being interviewed on the news.  At one point, he was asked about the recent allegations concerning connections between our government and Russia’s. His response was, “Well, no offense, but I don’t trust the media.  False

The Combo

There are the old commercials which used to run on TV…. showing a chocolate truck driving down the road, and then… . a peanut butter truck coming from the opposite direction…. fade to black… and KAPOW…. the two trucks have

What do….

There is a lot going on in the world right now.  Much of which, I do not understand. Yesterday, there was a horrific suicide bombing in Manchester, England.  Twenty two people were killed, and 59 injured.  Many of those have