We walk among giants.  We do.  When I am in the midst of those spectacular people, I feel humbled.  I feel gladness, and joy too.  I meet those giants frequently. We have had the good fortune of knowing these champions

Counting. To Ten.

I recently attended a birthday party. For a ten-year-old.  Specifically, for Mary’s son’s son.  The party was your typical deal for a kid.  Lots of other kids running around.  Tacos.  Cake.  Presents. Life at ten.  I can’t recall much about

ID please….

We need another study.  There aren’t quite enough studies in the world these days.  Like the most recent study concerning the prevalence of sarcasm in middle-aged white women.    Yes… there is always someone studying something. So…the news out today is


Nothing. It is hard to define nothing.  Webster tries.  And sort of gets it, I suppose. Per Noah. nothing |ˈnəTHiNG| pronoun not anything; no single thing • something of no importance or concern • (in calculations) no amount; zero. Zip.