Alley Garages

Over in Dayton, in my old stomping grounds… there were alleys between all the streets.  That’s just how it is in city blocks, a lot of times. The alleys were always the “unspoken sordid pathways” of the neighborhood.  Most kids

Play it again…. Sam.

Another Holiday Gathering, and another day of abundance. Togetherness.  And. Great food, stories, laughs, and family memories. As an extra bonus,  we played some games.  Now that was a big hoot, even though I didn’t win very much at all. 

Tis that season. And we do.

Technically, Christmas 2015 is over.  Technically. It sure can be a lot of hubbub.  The shopping, the gifts to wrap, the feast to prepare. Cleaning the house, before, during, and after the wingding. In a recent survey, Americans chose Christmas