The Big Lie

Chuck:  Dude.   What are you doing over here, all by yourself?  Why are you slumped down like that. Tommy:  You better stay out of sight there too Boy Genius. Chuck:  Why? Tommy:  Today is Thanksgiving. Chuck: So? Tommy:  We look

Are you a dip?

  Our lives change with time.  Sometimes for the good. And sometimes not.  But, we all want it to be focused on the “good” — I think. But let’s consider this.  Oooohhhhh.  How about The Fondue Set?  Let’s say you’ve

Don’t cut the cheese.

Life is full of mysteries.  I am telling you this right now, because I mean it… with all my Mystery-Seeking-Heart. It is also full of misinformation.  Sometimes, the two are confused… the mystery and the misinformed.  But, I can scratch

That secret sauce.

Art.  Not Linkletter, Carney, Buckwald, or Garfunkel. But Art.  As in….  the expression of the human creative mind and imagination…. which typically comes in the form of painting or sculpture or such.  THAT kind of Art. I am a big